Entrance to Onyx Hotel

Frequently asked questions

What parking options do you have and does it cost anything?

We have a few seats in the hotel courtyard that are available to our guests. Unfortunately, you can not book these in advance so it is first come, first served. We also need to double park the cars if there are more, so you also need to leave the key to the reception after parking. We can of course help to park your car if you so wish. These places are mainly intended for you who do not plan to use your car during your stay. The cost is SEK 240 per night and you can have your car parked until 11 am on the day you check out.

Is there an elevator in the hotel?

We have an elevator of older (and small) model that can accommodate two people. Unfortunately, it is not adapted for the disabled and does not hold larger prams that cannot be folded. The elevator does not go to the first floor either.

When can I check in?

We have a guaranteed check-in from 15:00, but you can of course check in later if you wish. We have staffed around the clock, but if you arrive later than 23:00, it can be good to get in touch so we know you are coming.

Can I check in earlier than 15:00?

We can not guarantee this but it is of course fine if the room is ready before 15:00, however, we can not know this until that day. Otherwise, it is of course possible to leave your bags with us and go out on the town as long as we finish cleaning your room.

When should I check out?

We have regular check-out time at 11:00. If we are not in need of the room right then, you can of course stay a little longer but no later than 14:00 on the day of departure. This is subject to availability and there is an additional fee of SEK 100 per hour after 11:00 in that case.

Is breakfast included and between what times is it?

Breakfast is always included and is between 07:00 - 09:30 on weekdays and 07: 00-10: 30 on weekends. During the high season and on special occasions (such as concerts) we recommend that you try to come down as early as possible to be able to enjoy your breakfast in a quiet environment.

Are there lactose- and gluten-free alternatives?

Yes, there are several lactose-free alternatives and we also have gluten-free toast. If you want something else specifically, we can of course fix it, but in that case there will be a fee for this.

Is there a gym in the hotel?

No, unfortunately not. 

Can you bring finds / pets with you?

We are unfortunately not able to receive pets for the sake of other guests.

Can you bring guests to the room?

Friends can of course visit, but this must be reported at the reception and after 22:00 only the guests for whom the room is booked are allowed.