Onyxen X Hagabadet


Bad på Hagabadet

Experience two historic Gothenburg buildings. Hagabadet is a true Gothenburg icon that opened its doors in 1876 with the aim of keeping Gothenburg residents healthy and sound. Hotell Onyxen opened for the first time in 1908 and in the fantastic building there are now lovely hotel rooms to rest in after a day in the city. Book the wellness package and experience hot baths, spas and exercise in a fantastic environment at Hagabadet.


The package includes:


  • Free admission to one of Hagabadet's two clubs in the city, either Hagabadet Haga or Hagabadet Drottningtorget. An entrance/club
  • Access to swimming / spa, gym, cardio, drop in yoga and other group training
  • Terrycloth included
  • Overnight at Hotell Onyxen
  • Breakfast


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