Stay close to the Universeum

When staying with us at the Onyx Hotel, you are only a 6-minute walk from the Universeum. This science center is an experience for both young and old and in addition to the proximity to the hotel, Universeum has both Liseberg and the World Culture Museum as neighbors. At Universeum, you learn about the rainforest, nature and technology in a playful way that involves everyone in the family. After an eventful day at Universeum, it is perfect to crawl into our lovely hotel beds and look forward to a good breakfast.

Regnskogen Universeum

A place to experience

At Universeum, you can experience everything from the chemistry lab, the technology workshop, space and the Amazon rainforest. In the part of the Amazon rainforest, the animals go free and this is an experience beyond the ordinary. Universeum wants to provide both young and old with knowledge to be able to make the earth a more sustainable place to live.

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